Saturday, June 4, 2011

All Suited Up

With places to go! The agenda is full this summer, with glorious trips planned for Hilton Head, Charleston, the lake and of course a few outings to the local pool to keep the little dude splashing and content. This fact, coupled with a few pounds lost and a set of “girls” that need some help after baby’s first year meant hitting local stores to find a swimsuit for the season. Definitely not a favorite hunting activity for any girl, especially for a woman of substance like me.

So where does a gal who adores tacos and chocolate, has a near-two-year old, recovering skin, a whole new situation occurring up front and a not-so-ghetto-booty anymore start?

Nordstrom, Target, Macy’s and Swimwear Solution.

And after hours of frowning in the fluorescent lighting, bringing along my harshest critic (Mom) and teaching her how to use her mobile camera, I’ve narrowed it to three:

What do you think – what’s your vote? After a short fashion show for the hubs, we’ve landed on number one for sure for the summer soirees. But perhaps I need one of the others to wear to swim lessons and other mommy-like events so as not to stir rumors of sassiness that frankly (ok and maybe unfortunately) just aren’t true.

Either way, I’m pleased that a whole two weeks before jetting off, I’m all suited up. And I’m extra pumped I’ve got places to go.

Cheers to summer!

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