Friday, June 24, 2011

HHI Bucket List

Top 10 Completed Items:
1. Catch my child’s first glimpse of the ocean, watching his eyes fill with wonder and delight
2. Score a Salty Dog tee after eating there
3. Wake before all other parties to meditate ocean side
4. Teach my son to build a sandcastle
5. Avoid sunburn
6. Rekindle romance with a date night
7. Kick butt at mini golf
8. Indulge in a massage
9. Get just the right amount of sunshine while also catching a sunrise and sunset
10. Consume crazy amounts of super tasty, mind-blowing foods (see above)

Top 10 Remaining To-Dos in 14 Hours (ok, or next time – ‘cause there WILL be a next time!)
1. Run on the beach
2. Dolphin Cruise
3. Parasailing
4. Super-bond with the bro’s fiancĂ© and now my dear friend
5. Family pics
6. Drink too much wine one evening
7. Attempt to ride a bike…maybe even with a kiddo strapped on the back.
8. Catch up with my amazing parents in a relaxed setting
9. Bring home an exotic piece (art, jewels, etc) from the island
10. Sleep past 7:00 a.m.

With so many outstanding tasks, I think we should stay a few extra days, don’t you?!

Please note the following items were NOT on my Hilton Head Island bucket list, but still made the agenda:
1. Dog undergoes after hour surgery from a day care incident but is now recovering nicely with one of the most amazing gals in the world (shout out to Aunt Jennie!)
2. Kiddo gets sick for two days straight and only wants his Mommy, causing us to miss a bit of the magic but steal cuddle time, which likely trumps all the magic there is in this world
3. Plane ride ends up being two hours longer than anticipated, followed by a drive that is 90 minutes longer than planned for. Luckily, the kiddo was a super trooper.
4. Phones don’t get reception (this was a blessing and a curse).
5. Father-in-law is discharged from hospital – WOO HOO!!!

We’ve had amazing weather, even more remarkable memories and enough fabulousness to last a lifetime.

And that, my friends, is the greatest bucket item list of all.

We will miss you, Hilton Head. Thanks for a trip always worth remembering.

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Palmetto Dunes Oceanfront Resort said...

Where did you stay? Great bucket list :)
Lyn Mettler
Palmetto Dunes Oceanfront Resort