Friday, June 10, 2011

Man Date

Given a recent case of insomnia, I delighted in about 30 minutes of the film “I Love You Man,” marveling at the similarities the hubs and Paul Rudd share as he spilt his one-liners, played air guitar and attempted to have crucial conversations with his soon-to-be-wife. I will always remember that movie as one that was not only hilarious, but gave me a strange sense of peace with the amazing, albeit puzzling man I married.

Another thing that quick half-hour assured me is that the hubs would surely enjoy the man date I have set aside for him and my Dad as an early Father’s Day gift. Here’s their agenda tomorrow:

10:00 a.m.: Breakfast at Ingredient
11:30 a.m.: Hubs to receive a man facial and straight razor shave at The Gents Place while Dad receives a massage (the hubs is not down with the touchy-feeliness of massages; the dude is totally missing out)
1:30 p.m.: Guy flick at AMC (likely Super 8 or Hangover II)
4:00 p.m.: Happy hour at the Beer Kitchen in Westport (and yes, we’d taxi them if needed)

They’ve been apprised of the plan and seem giddy at the thought of avoiding yard work, toddler messes, holding the wife’s purse at the mall or listening to us nag.

I can’t wait to hand them their envelopes tomorrow morning with the gift certificates and cash flow. Because they truly deserve it, these remarkable, fantastic men.

Cheers to your man date…may it be all you’ve been hoping for and more!

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