Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Thirteen Pounds

A large house cat. A couple gallons of milk. Laptops in the ol’ days. Six bags of sugar. Super healthy twins, together. A bowling ball.

That’s the equivalent of how many L.B.S have fallen off this figure.

So thank you, TEAM and WW. For giving me renewed energy to chase after my rambunctious toddler. For not feeling so much like camoflauging who I am. For the chance to grab those “Long and Leans” a size smaller. To actually hear the word “skinny” come out of a friend’s mouth for the first time in my life (ok, she's simplify/exaggerating but hello, that's why we have friends). For making the focus on food a bit more like nutrition than an emotional bandaid. For a goal to focus on, work toward with gazelle-like intensity and make some progress along the way. And for whatever the final outcome may be – hopefully a lifestyle change.

Now, onto the remaining 15…

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