Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Tender Moment

Just when I thought an eight-hour road trip would be hell for a toddler (ok, and for his parents), he managed to steal my heart over and over and over again...

Light whispers, stroking my hair, clutching my cheeks and looking at me with glance that can only be understood by a Mother. The next second, out like a light, resting his pudgy little forearm against my head. And when he woke up nearly two hours later, still grinning, he said:

"Cuddle with MOMMY!"

And just like that, this tender moment swept into my heart like wildfire, never to be put out, but continued to be lit with patience, unconditional love, grace and kindness.

Being a Mom to you is the greatest gift my heart could have never prepared me for, my son. Thank you for for being so amazing on the car trip...I don't know how I ever got through one before you. In fact, I'd drive to Minnesota every day to get a nanosecond of this moment back with you.

I love you. Adore you. And thank you for this tender moment.

I'll never forget it...

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