Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Sticking Situation

Around 6:00 a.m. each morning, I wrap myself in a warm towel fresh out of the shower, settle into my office chair and take 10 delicious minutes of silence to peruse through my blog list for the day. And once I hit the “F” section, I get excited, because Style Scout writes a column in our local paper has some seriously fun tips at all times, making my shopping list quick and easy. With her amazing taste, she does all the work, I check my budget, then try out what I can. After all, this is why we read blogs and columns, right?! Research?!

Recently she had posted on Sally Hansen’s nail strips and sadly I got so excited, I hit Target about 10 minutes from its 10 p.m. closing. Like a crazy person, I foraged through the nail products and found them at the top of the shelf and began inspecting the color selection. Hoping for a nude or something with a pop of pink or coral, I left with what appeared to be the closest thing and headed home to begin the experiment.

My hope: this would be easier, less expensive and just as long lasting as the shellac the girls and I have all become obsessed with. And I wouldn’t need an appointment, a black light or the scent of acrylic to create a hardy manicure.

The outcome: a Master’s degree student had to read the directions about six different times (to be fair, it was nearing midnight), mess up a few attempts, then finally get the hang of it only to discover that in the right light the tone was I’m talking 80s scrunchie color pink. And though a thin, tan blonde like SS could pull it off (note: it was not the same color she highlights in her article), this pale, office-bound gal was a not-so-much.

Bottom line: the concept is killer, but Sally Hansen needs to get on expanding her color selection from neons and zebras to something for the 30 and over professional crowd. So it's a sticking situation...

So next time you lunch with her, share my thoughts, will ya?

PS: they were pretty easy to remove with acetone. The whole concept is kinda remarkable…I don’t know how she does it but she has a lot to be proud of, that Hansen. You go girl.

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Francie Bauer said...

Bummer -- I was hoping they'd be easier! Love your blog, BTW!