Thursday, October 6, 2011

Last Minute Save

For months now, I've been prowling the mall floors at its latest hours, hunting for the perfect, or just even a decent dress to sport to my brother's rehearsal dinner next week. Trying hard to stomp the vision of a perfect party dress out of the back of my mind, I attempted to settle for lace over nude, a just-ok sweet purple dress or a form-hugging LBD. That's when I stumbled upon this:

For a second, I thought my vision had come to life. Then with a quick try on, discovered it was too big...perhaps the first and only time this whole weight-loss thing had worked in the opposite direction of goodness. And with a Calvin Klein brand name and only $40 price tag from $200, it couldn't be found around the country.

That's when my Mom, Ms. Superwoman and internet/shopping guru discovered this:

Same sassy dress, in black and available to be shipped from another state within the week.

So now the human sparkler is mine and I couldn't be more pumped. A sassy party dress mean to shine in honor and love for two people I adore with a whole heart, preparing for their big day - in a week! And the dang thing fits and is super fun!

Now onto finding a little sumpin' for the bridesmaid lunch...Mom?!

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