Thursday, October 20, 2011

WW Part III: Beauty and the Bridesmaids

A true southern beauty with impeccable taste and a golden heart, it should have been anticipated without a doubt that the bride would spoil us rotten. And that she did, from head to toe, tummies included, starting with a gourmet lunch at Bistro Niko:

Quaint, delicious and with a darling server who knew just what Rose’ bubbly to pour for the occasion, this was the bridal party’s first meet and greet, delighting over French food, indulging in the details of the weekend and even gifting the bride with a little something for her trek to Aruba in a few days:

In return, she presented us with the most darling, monogrammed black and white canvas totes filled with Anthropologie goodies including a scarf that goes with everything, a darling silk purse to tote lipstick and cameras during the soiree, dazzling earrings to compliment our dresses, and a grey v-neck tee with a simple heart on the front and the label “Bridesmaid” on the back to sport on our day of beautification. Beyond adorable, it took everything I had not to slip all the pieces on at once, right there among the French cuisine and large crowds.

Delighting in getting to know the girls, including lifetime friends and family and even hearing a few stories I’d likely never would’ve learned of the blushing bride, we made our way into two cars (including a round trip cab ride for some forgotten keys…likely the only party foul of the whole weekend, which was totally minor), to head toward the Sugarcoat Salon, the most darling of places I’ve ever stepped a soapy foot in:

An all-white, vintage-themed shop complete with pops of pink in the most precarious of places, this salon was a delight. Fabulously smelling products packaged in darling wrap, flashy earrings near the front, Havanna flops on the floor, white leather benches complete with big, puffy pillows and marble countertops were just some of the things that made you want to pencil in this place for the rest of your life. Add to that the super-sweet technicians, the variety of hip colors and efficiency of service and the overall mood in the place, and you have a hot spot that earned its title as one of the best. A bit of education on gel polish, lots of sugar scrub, closed eyes and laughter, the gals were beautified from top to bottom, the ‘maids getting dark colors while the bride herself opted for neutral on her might-as-well-be-a-hand-model nail beds.

Relaxed and ready, it was the perfect time to fit seven in a sedan and head our separate ways to dress for the fun rehearsal ahead. Better yet it was a perfect time to connect with these girls, providing us the opportunity to become more than strangers and celebrate the love we so obviously share for the amazing bride.

So thank you, Erica and the rest of the bridesmaid crew, for the fabulous day from start to end. What a gift to get to know and have a blast with those that mean the most to my new sister-in-law and to set the tone for the rest of the weekend, from the first hello to the last sweaty embrace on the dance floor to now quickly becoming FB friends and tagging in photos. And let’s not forget, as a gal who not-so-secretly adores gifts, the amount of gratitude for the super-fun package. It’s not even been a week and I’ve accessorized with the scarf and purse three times, wore the tee to bed and toted the tote to the gym. Love!

Bridesmaids and beauty: hands down one of the most fantastic parts of the weekend. It’s a girl thing!

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