Monday, October 10, 2011


"Seriously, sleep with one eye open dude...Momma ain't happy."

These are generally the words the hubs hears when I feel a cold coming on, which is typically before any major know, like your brother's wedding. So here's the plan for the week before we board that jet plane and get exposed to even more of a germ circus:

And I don't know about you, but each cold I receive the gift of as I age, I get crankier, even more tired and well, kind of a wuss. Maybe not so much that, but really, really intolerant of the snot-nosed beast that holds you up in life when you had other plans like cleaning house, working out, building a faux tan, writing letters to the bride and groom, getting the whole family packed, working around the clock to prepare for a business trip less than a week out from your return, etc. etc.

I promise I'm not complaining.

Wait, what? Ok, maybe a little.

So what's your secret remedies when a cold has got you down?

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