Sunday, October 23, 2011

WW Part V: Dancing, Duds and Décor

You know the ol’ saying that beauty is in the eye of the beholder? Or that attention to detail is what makes something truly spectacular? Well let me tell you: all folks attending this wedding straight up knew and appreciated its beauty and it was the thoughtful innovation, careful planning and passion for life and one another that made this an event all will remember…not to mention the bride’s impeccable taste. Here’s just a sampling of the décor related to creating their vision of ever after:

Pictured: over-sized, unique centerpieces, champagne toast table for those exiting the ceremony into the reception, the farewell wands for send off, giant balloons for pictures and the memorable guest book.
Not pictured: hundreds of things, including the beautiful tree that held guests' place markers, the incredible stage and amphitheater they married in and more.

Perfect for Pinterest, yes? Or maybe a YouTube lesson on “how to create a remarkable wedding?” Straight out of Anthropologie? Ripe for Yes, yes, yes and yes.

From the hand-drawn invitations to the unique boutonnieres, the perfectly crafted arch they married under to choosing a friend to wed them with a tear-inducing speech, it was flawless from start to finish. Truly a breathtaking event!

Speaking of breathtaking, let’s transition over to the less important, but still fun things, shall we: the what we wore look!

My vision for the ring bearer’s rehearsal outfit was that spotted on Pinterest, a newsboy type appeal with the punk accessories that I for the moment believe fit his personality so well. So after discovering some must-have plaid jeans from GAP Kids, we opted for a simple white button down, some Converse Velcro kicks and a pair of suspenders…, which were NOT easy to find. Tip here: order them online…no bridal stores, boutiques or department stores carry them for the wee ones and making your own becomes quite a chore.

The sunglasses? Oh, those are just part of his everyday wear. Including PJ time, until they're carefully slipped off his face around 11 p.m. each evening by his Mommy.

Then there was the sparkly ensem that has quickly become my favorite piece in my little closet, while Mike sported a Brooks Brothers type look that fits him to a T:

Mom opted for a fun animal print skirt coupled with some fun jewelry, while Dad did the sport coat look and the bride, groom and their wedding party looked pull together and fabulous as always.

From start to finish, everyone was looking fab in their duds and enjoying their time in them – and that’s what counts! Even Mom settled on a beautiful gown for the occasion after much consulting, online searching and agony…and she looked gorgeous! And Dad in his tux? Handsome!

Now on to the important people: the bride and groom…perfectly coifed, gorgeous and flawless. I may even go as far to say I’ve never seen a more beautiful bride than she. I mean, look!:

Some might say you can’t go wrong with olive skin, a thin, near-perfect frame, doe-like brown eyes and long, flowing auburn hair, but this gal took the cake. Move over Kate Middleton, for Erica wowed in her classy, lace embroidered, mermaid style gown with a cathedral length veil, lace overlay, light straps that were later removed, a sweetheart neckline, simple jewels, flat sparkly gold shoes and a smile that knew she was marrying the one that day. Each time she turned a corner, delighting in the magic before her, she nearly took your breath away with her natural beauty and striking elegance. And my bro? Not so bad himself in a classic tux, bow tie and that same matching smile that felt comfortable and confident in committing to forever. Perfection.

And the bridesmaids: flaunting cocktail length, one-shoulder dresses that were both comfortable and sassy, matching their moods for the big day:

So what did we do with all this wearing of the cute clothes? Why, dance of course! It was not shocker the Esslinger clan was out on the floor first:

This explains so much about my devotion to shaking my hiney and love of wine.

From the first note to the last, the DJ was a blast, the bride and groom picking the perfect list of songs to get everyone out on the floor, having the time of their lives. The hubs and I relived our college moments (though far less alcohol induced), bouncing around acting like we were in music videos and sweating as if we’d just completed a 5k. Cousins, aunts, uncles, in-laws and strangers alike bonded as one, delighting in the frivolity that belongs only to weddings like these. And true to Jewish tradition, there was even a bit of this on the dance floor:

Dancing, duds and décor. Fun, tasteful, classy, thoughtful, breathtaking and flawless. Just like the wedding.


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Erica said...

Megan - it has been a blast to read all of your posts this past week about the wedding. You are truly an amazing writer and an even better sister-in-law. No one I know says nicer things about her friends and family than you do. You are amazing!!