Wednesday, October 5, 2011

There Went the Stent

“So we’ll just need you to hold him in a bear hug while the surgeon comes at him with a set of tweezers to his eyes, ok?”

Sure, nurse lady. Sounds like a dream. And at two years old without anesthetics? Perfect.

But you know what? Overall, it was.

Six months later we visited Children’s to have the little dude’s tear duct stents removed with a very simple procedure that resulted in only a bit of torture, quite the span of squirming, but overall, quick and painless.

And a sparkly, princess strawberry cupcake of course. Oh, and Jayhawk shades.

Good day. Good day.

Kudos to you little buddy. If I can get through my moments with even half of your strength, we’re doing ok. Maybe I need to invest in a Super Grover shirt too?

Regardless, there went the stents and though they worked their magic and not a tear is to be spotted due to faulty ducts, we won’t miss the little tubes for little dudes.

Adios stents, adios.

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