Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Cupid's Round the Corner

It's no secret Valentine's Day is my favorite holiday, my office filled with pink and red poofs, the kick I get in my heels when the week approaches and my constant asking of "what is your love story and how are you celebrating this year?" Perhaps it's the Pisces in me, but regardless if I was tucked in with a glass of hot cocoa, riding solo with the girls, dating "some guy," to now married to my love, it's a day I cherish and anticipate annually. Though the color pink and 80's love songs are a part of my weekly life, here's a glimpse at how I'm honoring the holiday this time of year:
A pinteresting recipe to spoil teachers, colleagues and friends (yourcupofcake.com)

Sweets for my sweets from the scrumptious Laura Little's

A baby mani heart even my 3yo son appreciates (cupcakesandcashmere)

Valentine's true to little dude's taste dropped in the mail and ready for pre-school swapping
Some cupidesque decor for the mantle and sprinkled throughout the house

Plus there is a much-anticipated date night ahead for Saturday, while Thursday means a fun afternoon at the pre-school followed by a heart-shaped pizza by candlelight. And if our little Valentine is REALLY good, there may be a cupcake date on his agenda for the evening. 

Most of all we look forward to celebrating the love we share - so raw, priceless, unedited and cherished it can't be measured in anything but gratitude. Now that, my friends is what Valentine's Day and all the ones in between are about.

With Cupid around the corner, how will you celebrate?

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