Sunday, February 17, 2013

Happy Hearts Day

"Oh delightful - does that say 5:15?" I muttered into the darkness, having just fallen into my sixth round of what has become the usual 90-minute sleep rotation.

"Yep - it sure does," said the hubs, his morning messed with the awakenings of his family that generally didn't fall this early in the hours. It didn't help we had gone to bed angry with one another the night before, a rare occurrence in our home, the fatigue and emotional uncertainty still standing like a brick wall between us.

With hardly a word exchanged, we went through the motions of what tends to be the three most challenging hours of the day, my mind idling between wanting to give the spouse an out for not recognizing my favorite holiday and holding it as ammo in the future (awesome wife and Cupid behavior). Little dude was on a bender, not quite understanding the difference between Valentine's Day and Christmas, tearing open his cards and demanding to know where the rest of the presents were. Apparently we missed this lecture and my wisdom on gratitude was not coming easily as I stood in all my largeness, half naked and dripping from my cold shower in the garage as I tore through bags to unearth the card we had purchased for him the day before.
Adoring his heart-shaped pancakes
Thank you Nana and Papa!
Preparations for the school party (cheese)
I know, I know - if you're a mother of a 3-year-old and have been with the same guy for 13 years, it's not wise to have expectations. But REALLY?! Come on, universe...

Hours later I spotted the hubs' Valentine and customized chocolate unopened, leaving my heart to feel a bit closed and bargained via Skittles for little dude to get in the car with promises to see him at his party later in the day.

The hours improved with deadlines looming, attention shifted to putting out fires at work and anticipating a Friday off the next day. It grew even brighter watching the flowers pile up at reception and hearing of others plans for the evening. And best of all, a springy, gorgeous bouquet, an extraordinary large card and a tasty box of chocolates arrived completely by surprise for little ol' me, a token of friendship from a beloved friend. Then came the pre-school party, alive with funny antics, dance moves, tasty treats and the annual dumping of the Valentine's (to my delight there was only one Pinteresty one in the whole stack this year!) 
Lucky in love to have a friend like Sarah B!
Bag o' love pre-schooler style
Getting ready to party
Circle time fun

Goofy Valentine
We wrapped our day with a heart-shaped pizza by candlelight, some classical music and an excessive amount of chocolate. Not even by nine I was in a mumu and headed down sleepy lane.

Our idea of a romantic dinner this year

Because there can never be enough chocolate

So blessed and thankful for our loved ones
Not quite the Valentine's I imagined, but flawless nonetheless, my heart full of gratitude for the two men I share my home and my entire heart with breathing softly nearby. Plus there was that colored paper heart created by little dude...stealing my heart with it's jagged lines, loose colors and the proudest face a boy could muster. Now THAT's a Valentine.

Here's hoping yours was filled with the type of love, friendship and togetherness that makes your happy heart burst!

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