Sunday, February 17, 2013

Hours O' Fun

"No seriously, I think he'll adore them - he's really into figurines and using his imagination lately. And how nice that these are actually sans some type of weapon of superhero cape for once!" I said to my Mom as she perused the toy aisles, searching for yet another way to spoil her grandson.

Little did she know she'd be spoiling us too...

This "Soccer Guys" toy has lent us hours of productivity, from cleaning a kitchen to *gasp* folding multiple piles of laundry without Spiderman deciding he needed to take a couple out over and over again. For hours he'll play, naming the teams the "49ers" and "Rock Chalks," and going over strategies quietly, demanding the referee be replaced and two men be sidelined with yellow tickets for their foul behavior. The small plastic ball makes it's way between the goals, the men in jerseys numbers called as they plot their next move to earn points. With a 30 pounds of laundry tucked beneath my hip I marvel as I walk by, his legs swing contentedly mid-air as he stares in concentration and admiration, his only request to turn on ESPN soccer for some inspiration.

Portable. Affordable. Imaginable. Packable. Not technical. Delightful.

I'm in heaven. BoyMoms - snatch yours up today!

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