Sunday, March 10, 2013

A Bash for Baby

"So, what's a sip n' see?" my gal pal asked as we swapped a stroller from one Mom vehicle to the next in the light drizzle of a Friday night. "Oh - it's a way to celebrate generally a second born and invite guests to indulge in adult beverages, eat some tasty snacks and stare lovingly at the darling new baby!" I shared, extra excited for attending one of my best friend's the next day.

Whether it's your first or fourth, it seems the rules have gone by the wayside on how and when to celebrate welcoming a wee one, making space for creativity, celebration, support and most of all love for all the deserving mommas in the world. In the past week alone, I've had the privilege of attending a few:
A "sprinkle": generally for a momma on her second or more child, particularly if the expected arrival is of a different gender than the first, complete with low key snacks, generally no to few gifts and a time to get excited with friends

The theme for this baby girl was for each of us to build a scrapbook page for her baby book-so fun!
The lovely Momma herself!
 Next up was a sip n' see for baby Caroline and her amazing Mommy, offering light, tasty brunch fare including a dazzling pink punch, warm conversation with family and friends and lots of oogling at the perfect, precious baby girl:

The ladies of the morning
Delectable and darling cookies
The best pals a gal could wish for in life
Finally, an event that stole my heart...a surprise "sprinkle" for me and Liam hosted by a group of gals I'm thankful for daily for their thoughtfulness, support and golden hearts:
The hostess' with the most pulling off a surprise luncheon at The Tavern

Burp cloth cupcakes so realistic looking you could eat them!

Baby boy balloon

The spycam - aka monitors - one of our only "needs" for son #2!

Hip decor

My loves

The scene for the sprinkle surprise

More loves!

So whether it's baby one or baby four, a bash seems to be in order. Big or small, elaborate or low key, it seems every new life deserves a celebration, right?! Or at least an excuse to eat ridiculous amounts of sweets and hang with the people you love the most in anticipation of a wee one you're going to cherish immeasurably. 

For more ideas on ways to celebrate baby, check out gender reveal parties and visit Pinterest and let the creativity and celebrations begin for you and yours!

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