Saturday, March 30, 2013

New Fixtures

"Yes - that's perfect...a touch of transition in an Ethan Allen hand-me-down home," I said, eyeing the price and dumping it into my cart, satisfied.

Our quest to simplify and create cleaner lines in our home will be a slow and arduous one, but a few saved pennies at a time, patience, persistence and visits from Brad (contractor) will eventually get us there. Here are two new fixtures in our home:
Edgemoor pendant from Home Depot for over the kitchen table

ANOTHER basketball hoope (this one reaching seven feet) for the...entry way? Kitchen?
You can imagine which one I'm more fond of and the other merely a survival/productivity tool...but a BoyMom's gotta do what a BoyMom's gotta do.

What's on your list for spring cleaning or creating new ambience in your home?

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