Saturday, March 30, 2013


"Yep - doing great - hanging in there! Getting excited! A bit uncomfortable, but good!" have become key phrases to the empathetic and thoughtful folks who like to ask: "How ARE you doing - feeling ok?" So although I try to spend each waking minute delighted in my last pregnancy, anticipating all that is to come and really cherishing our final moments as a family of three, admittedly there are moments I let my mind wander to what I'll do quite immediately when the 10-month journey is all said and done. You know, besides surviving, marveling in the magic with my boys and being over the moon grateful for these amazing gifts in life. When I do the wandering, here's where it goes:
Wrestling and having hard core pillow fights and dance parties with this guy

Sleeping on my stomach. Or maybe just a bit of sleeping in general. 

A tall glass (or two) of prosecco...or a beer. Let's just go with an adult beverage in general, shall we?

Reigning in my germaphobia (scarred from flu/respiratory infection during this pregnancy and limited drugs). We're going to be sick the first 1.5 years of L2's life anyway!

Having an actual date or conversation with my husband. Oh - and friends. Maybe even some colleagues and clients. Somewhere on this journey I lost the ability to make small or even regular talk.
Wearing regular clothing and shoes!!! I may have an Office Space moment with my maternity wardrobe...
Leaving work at work - right where it should be, piling up for 12 weeks to concentrate on what matters most in life
Not having to hoard snacks in every sack, bag and room I own or chugging inappropriate amounts of water

What's one of the first things you did sans baby in the tummy?

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