Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Wheels on the Highlander...

Do much more than go round and round. And don't even get me started on the other features it has!

Out of the blue, this little beauty became ours overnight: a 2013 Toyota Highlander with five miles etched on its digital odometer, the interior like butta and that new car smell emanating from it's metal walls that are now working to keep our growing family safe on the roads.

It's perhaps the most luxurious item we've ever owned (hubs has never had a new car and I one in our driving lives), with things we never even dreamed of like all kinds of automated gadgets (seats, Bluetooth, trunk, back up cam, etc.), a third row of seats, touch screen appliances, eight cup holders, a walk through with pilot seats to the back and so much more.

I may have had to have a little cry about it when I pulled off the lot, overwhelmed with gratitude and disbelief that she was ours. And maybe, just maybe, a bit about that whole car buying process (holy whole day, negotiating, research-laden, way out of the comfort zone of a people pleaser process!)

And no, I didn't look back once at out trusty little Volvo as I pulled away (though I think I caught her glaring at me despite she'd just been detailed in that handy cam I just told you about).

Perhaps it sounds a bit cheesy and superficial, but it gives me quite joy to start off each morning with her, the smooth ride, iTunes pounding through speakers that work and adjusting the mirrors that hold my little nugget's bright smile as I drop him at pre-school. The only drawback is that it's crossed me to the dark side of fretting over marks on the leather, giving me slight palpitations at having to place a bag on the seat of gasp - a drink in the holder - so opposite of the breezy car owner I used to know. We all know how that turns out with two children in tow...

By the way, she needs a name...what do you have in mind?

XXXX the Highlander - perhaps the first car that stole a bitty piece of my heart. Now off to the highway...

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