Saturday, March 2, 2013

Winter Wonderscape

With Wonderscope! Another fabulous way to escape the piles of snow that now serve as our only scenery in KC, the local children's museum is a treat. At a decent price and hours of fun, our MOMS group ventured out this morning to scope out the wonder:
The ball room, complete with obstacles

Mia flips through a mag patiently in the waiting room
While Lawson enters her pet patient's information

Until he realizes Mia is actually the vet so gets top priority

Water play, complete with protective gear
His first diaper change attempt in preparation

Henry does the shopping for the crew

Another visit to the ball room (shocker)

Scanning the produce

Then ending at Fritz's (where we actually let them sit together)
The perfect start to a wintry Saturday! Add it to your "I've been cooped up and am barely surviving" list...

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