Sunday, March 24, 2013

Bag Your Vote

As with son #1, the birth plan was created, things organized at home (quasi at work), diapers purchased, furniture erect and then came the obsession with...the diaper bag?! Perhaps it's my adoration of things in general you sling over your shoulder (hello-handbags) or my brain's way of losing control as the time grows nearer, but this non-net surfing, quick to make decisions gal gets a little crazy over choosing the right one. Here's where I've narrowed the pick to:

Rebecca Minkoff's Marissa diaper bag: an item I've stalked since I received the positive sign that is now half price!!! Still not a steal, it's functional and views even better in person. A touch of sparkle, functional, easy to clean and tote - swoon! A little torn between the gray with teal trim and the navy, but the navy stole my heart originally. Still pricey.

JJCole bag: well priced, functional and organized, easy to clean and a tad bulkier than the rest. Excellent price point.

SkipHop bag: lightweight, functional, lays nicely against the body and across the shoulder and is a fun bronze color, looking a bit more purse-like; good price

SkipHop Studio bag: large and organized, a bit bulkier but great price and like the bronze and navy; the handles look really cheap (inexpensive was too nice of a word), but overall functional and cute

So, given this is the LAST thing I should be thinking about or focusing on as the date grows nearer, what's your vote? Hey - we're snowed in and it's likely you're doing other mindless activities, so thanks also for indulging in mine!

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