Friday, June 7, 2013

Just For Her, But Not So Much For Me

"Yah, so we'll meet in lot five right at 4:45 to grab our swag, scope the map and get our shop on," I said excitedly to the girls as if we were a gang of SWAT members. The plan: to get out and get our girl on at the Just For Her Expo. The place: OP Convention Center. The promise: to be fantastically feminine and similar to Holiday Mart.

But I regret to tell you, it was not.

Not to be a negative Nelly, but JFH, you're not rivaling Holiday all. Granted I wasn't expecting the pomp and circumstance that is HM (one of my national holidays by the way) at half the ticket cost and from viewing the vendor list, but I was expecting just a tad more. Instead, it felt a bit forced, salesey and filled with vendors who agreed to sponsor or have a booth because their sister's best friend's grandma begged them. Most folks offering products were wellness based like essential oils, chiropractics or home repairs sprinkled with a few headband and cheesey baby T boutiques. Though we were appreciative of those that do work hard, their arts and what they had to offer, it just didn't align with what the JFH brand promises, though I won't lie I'm pretty pumped about the caramel cheesey popcorn and chocolate I left with (this is spot on with women). Other than that, just some coasters and a topical cure for headaches adorned my shoulder and we made it through in about an hour, filled with disappointment and a need for lettuce wraps at Houlihans. Up side: there was wine.

Holiday Mart. Come back. Please. To the KS side of things. We miss you, and JFH can't compete. Love and thanks, Not Enough Real Problems in Johnson County.

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