Friday, June 7, 2013

Maternity Mess Up

Or in this case, mess up literally means cleaning the mess up. In other words, keeping, tossing or donating to create a less insane place for this family of four to live. Not that tripping over lose socks, army men and baby seats isn't a blast now and then...

Two key items were on my wish list for sprucing and reducing while I'm on leave, which included the master closet and the playroom. Overwhelming, disorganized, cluttered and bananas, these two spaces needed an overhaul on no budget. With the help of two rainy days and my Mom the organizer extraordinaire, we made some dents:
Bins for sorting sizes (though I'm not a believer of keeping what doesn't fit, this is a
(ahem) "time of transition" for this Mama

Color coding and labels - plus you can see the floor!

Easy to find for your footsies
Ok, so it was nothing like D's fun and remarkable toss, but it felt good nonetheless.

The largest accomplishment in the playroom was separating out the boys' toys by age on their sides, and removing the crates of "guys" from our family living space where guests commence (though what guest doesn't appreciate a Tranformer or Ninja turtle up their arse when sitting in a chair?) and making them accessible and easy to put away for Little Dude:
Tubs for each genre of "guys" with a quick pick (for kiddos not ready to read) with packing tape over it for laminate

It's nice to see our living room floor again, despite soon it will be filled with push toys and bouncers, but hey, it's nice for awhile.

Next project: the study. 

There isn't enough word allowance in a blog post for that hot mess, so don't stay tuned.

Two maternity mess up bucket list items complete!

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