Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Monday Momfessions - June 10 Week

Maybe I should just change this title to "Tuesday Tantrums" or something like that since I can't seem to accomplish it on Mondays, but alas, it's so fitting to being a Mom of young kids: everything is a day late and a dollar short, but hey, the children are (mostly) smiling! This week:

1. I secretly want to wear a tee around at times that says: "Don't judge: I just had a baby six weeks ago," to cope with the insecurity of my new, even plushier figure. I promise I'm trying really hard to embrace and have the attitude that the wee ones will only be wee for so long so I better appreciate it, but when things are too tight on the highest end of the spectrum in your favorite stores and it's pool season, it can be a bit daunting.

2. On a recent date with Little Dude, we visited the T Rex restaurant where one would not suspect there are really hot servers. But alas, our waiter was uber hot. I think I even blushed in front of my three year old. For shame. Maybe the overpriced food, long wait and battling the toy store on the way out isn't all that bad.

3. My heart is totally torn on when to move Squeak and his gassy self to his room. Feeding only once a night and as loud as your Grandpa, he is a good candidate for self rooming. But for some reason, I'm very attached to watching the rise and fall of his chest and knowing he's nearby as well as adhering to the AAP rule. But keeping them in your room for six whole months?! What's up with that? To compromise for now, I pried his co-sleeper away from our bed and it's freestanding a whole two feet away. Rebel.

4. Top secret: between colic and breastfeeding there are some days I feel as if I'm absolutely suffocating. Like plastic bag, prisoner in my own home, can't breathe and the walls are caving in suffocating. For this, I feel extremely guilty because if I'm gone for just an hour, I miss them already and wish I were back home with them in my arms. Is this confusing or what?!

5. Things I don't understand with infants: how to protect them from the sun in summer months (both eyes and skin), keeping bugs off them this season when they're too young to wear deterrent and how to keep them cool in the car. Also, how to fit all of you in a women's stall where there isn't a handicap one and your'e on your own, stroller and all. Help!

6. I ponder how I've not built up Hulkesque muscles from carrying my now 13-pounder around all day so I can accomplish at least one or two things. Instead, I find myself dialing a chiropracter and losing my patience waiting for that Sleep Number bed to arrive.

7. What are those Mom's secrets to always looking laid back, carefree and put together? Seriously, I want to know! I know there are a lot to outside appearances, but I swear, many of them with two young children just like me or even more seem to be pulling it off. Like "I just came from yoga then threw this on with my perfect skin on my size 2 frame in these gorgeous clothes and have well-fed, groomed and positively behaved children" good." Eeesh. In the back of my mind, I imagine their house is perfect too. Could I just get an ounce of that por favor?!

8. Major guilt of the week: I yelled at Little Dude for the first time (a true yell) and still feel horrible days later. Thank goodness for the art of apology and a three year old's unconditional love. Plus with his emotional intelligence, he never misses a thing, hence the quotes: "Mommy, this is where you should yell at Daddy," or "are you mad at everyone in the house because the baby always cries?" How did he get so much wiser than us?!

9. Instead of my priorities anchoring around house maintenance and brushing up on the great things I should be doing to enhance my children, it's been centered on: where will I pump at Arrowhead this weekend? And when can I sneak in one more day in the pool with the girls? Conundrum. Shameful.

10. With just squeak in the car, my R&B and rap playlists stay intact at acceptable levels while he is asleep. I would've never done this with Little Dude. Let's see how Squeak turns out - yikes.

Geez, this past week wasn't looking so hot but overall felt pretty good! What's up with you, Momma?

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