Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Monday Momfessions - June 17 Week

Whoa, getting this done on a Tuesday?! A new record as of late. Is the title driving you nuts yet? I have to keep it for it's catchiness!

1. Nearly this whole post can be dedicated to the following: pumping at Arrowhead Stadium. Three times. In a thunderstorm. Among many, many drunk cowboys and cowgirls. Please message me for details. It was humbling, awkward, sticky and inconvenient. Man, I love that kid. But hey, if grown men and women can consistently relieve themselves near the dumpster about 50 yards from my car, I figure keeping up with my lactation responsibilities is pretty acceptable around those parts.

2. Speaking of the Kenny concert, who are these rail thin but with toned thighs and biceped women with gorgeous carmel skin, perfectly coifed hair in the pouring rain and rockin' ensembles? Seriously. Who.are.they. Certainly not the overweight woman in the red poncho (me). And they were drinking beer that didn't look like it would add to their gut by 6 a.m.? I'm not just talking those teen to 20-somethings - there were some hottie bo tottie 40+s out there. Perhaps I should've spent less time looking at Eric Church and more time interviewing these gals on how they do it.

3. Discovered: an ultimate stress reliever is finding a sitter for a few hours, calling up the girls and hitting the pool. Uh-mazing. Even if the sunburn exists over one week later. Totally worth it.

4. Father's Day was slightly a fail in that the house was a disaster, we couldn't find the motivation to cook so Jack Stack order it was, the presents were half-ass and the hubs' wasn't right at all (no surprise given the golf dude was not super interested in fighting through the colic to help find the perfect pair of shoes so I just grabbed the nearest box because it said Tiger Woods) and Daddy had to do way too much work to make his own day happen. Luckily he caught a quick afternoon snooze to make up for it (see above). We'll knock it out of the ballpark next year hubs, we promise...?! He's so patient, particularly since outcomes are at about a 20% positive in this casa right now.

5. I let another stranger hold the baby. To be fair, this time it was at Learning Tree. Surely Squeak learned something educational from her in those few moments while I found a gift and paid. So really, it was good for him.

6. Dear Halo cheater swaddles: what the hell are those holes for on the lower sides except to have your child's arms escape from them and then get royally peeved?! I.don't.understand. Though notably, likely a user error.

7. Parents: what are your practices on talking to your children about death? Little Dude had a classmate lose a grandparent and also overheard a sitter talking about a deceased friend and now he's obsessed. I keep changing my story and must get it together! Mr. 9-yo vocabulary isn't falling for my various versions.

8. This week we are breaking out all the stops to provide Squeak some relief: chiropractic adjustments for him, starting reflux meds, removing some dairy for me, me taking probiotics and working to improve my diet and potentially moving him to his own room plus three new nursing holds. I was supposed to move him last night and am secretly using the excuse the shelves aren't up for the monitor yet. Maybe I'll go hide those for awhile...

9. I heard from nearly all my colleagues this week who were just checking in on how maternity leave was going. Either it was coincidence or something is going down. Enough thinking about that, right?! There's only a month left. Unbelievable. Pass the tissues.

10. Logging what I ate did not occur this week. Whoops! Perhaps that is why the scale is so angry this morning. Again, WHAT are those Kenny chics doing?!

What's new with you, Momma?

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