Sunday, April 14, 2013

39 Weeks

Yep - and you bet your hiney I'm counting.

Cravings: sugared cereal, carrots, brownies, corn dogs and Arnold Palmers (the ones sans vodka. Or if I were to be truthful, the ones with vodka, but that just isn't appropriate now, is it?)

Most frequently heard comments: "What are you still doing here?!" (at work); "Whoa - you look like you're going to pop!" "So, I bet it's any day now, right?!" "Let me guess - a boy!" "You look tired/miserable/exhausted."

Moments of guilt: waking and thinking: "oh drat - I'm STILL pregnant?!" as if I had magically delivered in the night. Also when my temper is shortened with my loving boys at home due to lack of sleep, energy, discomfort and what I anticipate to be the evilness of hormones.

Latest checkups: all is brewing well in there! Though I never thought I'd commit to it, the induction date is set for April 25. More than half my family is bummed on their due date pool already!

What's awesome now: the antcipation, excitement and picturing a fuzzy little head burritoed in my arms as the two men I love the most are by my side welcoming our littlest dude. Also, hearing L dream of how he'll engage with his brother once he arrives: "I'm going to show him my guys Mommy - and hug him, and rock him and love him. But Daddy can change his diapers."

What's currently rough: the largeness, breathlessness, inability to be a true BoyMom to our busy son, sleepless nights for seemingly no reason at all and bathroom breaks every 20 minutes, particularly when you're at your local park with a 3yo who is not so understanding about the pressure kicks. Also, missing my perky self up for anything and could make small talk with a wall. Honestly, everything is kinda tough right now, but if you see the what's going on at this point in pregnancy, I suppose it kinda makes sense. Bonus: I'm still grateful for every moment, event the ligament stretching, nothing fits, I'm wearing Asics everyday ones.

How the nursery is coming: the sheets are on and the curtains hung, the storage well stacked with diapers and wipes, car seat installed and most of his laundry done and unpacked. That counts, right?! Oh - and I have boobs that I think will work for feeding and the co-sleeper set up next to the master bed. Good enough? Plus this will give me some creative Etsy shopping time once he arrives!

How the boys are feeling: anxious, excited, nervous, scared, eager and ready. Truth be told, they've both been acting out a bit (yes the 33 yo and 3yo one) with all the uknowns of moving to a family of four. L's plan is to get a job to help out with daycare costs while Daddy promises to do all the stinky diapers. Therefore, I believe there is hope.

Our friends and family: are eagerly awaiting his arrival and we are overwhelmed with their support, graciousness and love during this remarkable time. I don't know how we got so lucky, but we're going to cherish it every moment.

Though I'm still in disbelief (or is it denial?) some moments and overjoyed the next, things at work are nearly packaged as well as they could be and our home is...meh...ready enough to welcome our second son. After all, John Lennon said all you need is love, and we have plenty of that just waiting for our littlest dude.

So let's make it this week, shall we?

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