Monday, April 22, 2013

Monday Momfessions - 4/22 Week

1. I'm still pregnant. And yes, it feels like freakin' Groundhog Day, the movie. Out. O-u-t. OUT!

2. Over the weekend my little brother visited and it was heavenly - not only because he rocks, makes me laugh and is an all around good egg, but this mama needed all hands on deck to help out at this point. I swear it was like having a manny. Gorgeous.

3. A day past due date, I visited a midwife/masseuse who specializes in naturally inducing labor. I described it to my husband as experimental, felt great and included going into a stranger's house, removing my clothing and sticking herbs under my tongue. He said it sounded more like a college experience. Regardless, I hope the voodoo coupled with the rain showers works. PS: What was he doing in college before he met me?!

4. Little dude is becoming quite the comedian, causing me to have gut splitting giggles. I'm really diggin' it and love watching his personality shine through, even if it involves bouncing off the walls or nude booty shaking from time to time (him, not one needs to see that).

5. Around four boys all weekend, I began to grow fearful my life would be clouded with...farts. Yes, farts. Is flatulence a fad for dudes or what? I anticipate many long walks in the future for me and Ellie (yes our dog, the only other female in the house) in the future.

6. Moms make everything and do everything just a little bit better. Mine volunteered to come over and assist with some nesting and sprucing on Saturday when I needed just a few hours to get organized and collect my thoughts and just MOP. So, so grateful. I guess we can go back to calling this place a "home" vs. "dump" again. PS: how does she get everything so sparkling using the same tools and products I do?!

7. I'm attempting to walk the fine line of letting our child fight his own battles and wanting to give small 3 yos a piece of my mind when they steal his ball from him immediately upon entering recess. Warning: Mama Bear on the loose. Increase in hormones this season. Watch.out.

8. I can't recall the last date night the hubs and I spent together and secretly want one of those. I'm not sure what we'd talk about, but I imagine our next one will be breast milk, missing sleep and money management. Also, I'd probably still be sporting maternity wear and flats. Le sigh.

9. I not so secretly wonder if I'm raising a good little dude. How do you KNOW, you know?!

10. In the throes of darkness, I've been spying on our little man, marveling at how he's grown. Even though his mouth hangs open and the atmosphere is that of snores, he's the most remarkable being I've ever seen and I still marvel at how deep a heart can love. This week particularly, I'm anxious as to how this dynamic could change, but hope the heart can grow four times bigger, Grinch style, to manage all this love.

Bonus: I let our child skip TWO naps this weekend and stay up until 10 one night. So much for the sleep progress, eh?

What shenniangans have you been up to this week, dear friend and Mom?

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