Monday, April 22, 2013

The Case for Crazy Uncles

"Ahhhh - you're here! Little dude is SO EXCITED - let's go snag him from school!" I said excitedly after a warm embrace, my not-so-little brother tossing his luggage into Mom's spotless car. For days we'd been conducting the countdown until he arrived and alas, here he was:

Uncle Ryan. Silly. Smelly. And a whole lotta fun.

Though his arrival was intended to support our little arrival that ahem, has YET to make his entrance, we delighted in all things ordinary from home cooked meals, conversations patio side, hours of sports in the soft green grass, shmoozing with the pup and lots of bonding time between uncle and nephew. Needless to say, Uncle Ryan was soon the center of little dude's every affection, begging him to play and putting him up on a pedestal.

I mean, the Uncle even brought him a hat from the Masters. Like Tiger wears. Totally baller.
As usual the moments flew by too fast, not enough intimate conversation exchanged, but the time over brews and feet propped up greatly appreciated. I mean, the boy even held doors for superpreg, ensured I was comfortable and relaxed and kept our active pre-schooler engaged and enamored. I'm thinking an every weekend visit system is in order...

There's always been magic in having a brother, and our family: the lucky recipients to having such an amazing one. I think L said it best as we pulled away from the concrete drive, extending his hand through the tinted window with a frown between his brows and corners of his mouth:

"But I don't want Uncle Ryan to go."

We hear ya buddy. Never far and always in our hearts - cheers to crazy Uncles. We love you Ryan!

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