Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Birthday Fit for a Cowgirl

"Ok, so it's cool if we celebrate a bit early? After all, doesn't everyone deserve a birthday month?" I asked my colleague whose name I had drawn in the work birthday lotto. After wholeheartedly agreeing every woman deserves 30 days to party, I got to work with limited time and budget for our cowgirl on the team with a big heart. Here's what the rodeo looked like:
Easy to bake and delicious to consume "hay bales" aka Rice Krispy treats (courtesy of Pinterest)
Some wildflowers to brighten up her desk

Cowgirl clipart with space on the right for each team member to share what they appreciate about her; posted on her door for Friday morning arrival and delight

And some hanging flower garland from her ceiling and that was that! Oh - and an iTunes gift certificate to download her favorite country album of choice before hitting the road on her new work trip.

Simple, fun, affordable and fit for a cowgirl. Happy Birthday M!

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