Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sprinkled With Surprises

"Whoops - I forgot to print the agenda...wait...WHAT is all this cuteness?!" I exclaimed, having wandered into the board room expecting CRM and staffing updates versus the festive goodness that lined the blinded walls.
After gushing for several minutes and making googly eyes at the donuts just feet from where I had chosen a leather chair, I was overwhelmed at the generosity, thoughtfulness and care from those I spend 40+ hours a week with, not only for making a Momma feel special as her day grows nearer, but for who the are day in and day out. Swapping labor horror stories, sharing funny child antics and curious questions made for good conversation, and I marveled at how blessed I was to have landed here eight years ago.
Three teams and four job roles later I still feel at home, delighting in the work I have the opportunity to engage in daily and for the smart, sassy, successful women around me.

Thank you, colleagues and friends for this and so much more...and spoiling me rotten with this surprise.   Baby Liam is one lucky dude and his Momma? The luckiest yet. Oh - and for scoring the last item on my wish list and deciding for me - the bronze diaper bag!


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