Monday, April 22, 2013

Tumbling Upon the Perfect Gift

"Alright gals, what ideas do you have on what we get her for the big day- or do I reach out to the hubs?" I asked over fish and chips, our skin soaking in the rare rays via the rooftop bar. 

After some discussion and lots of gossiping, we landed on a dish or cup item that would be perfect for our gal pal's newfound commitment to the Paleo diet and increase in water intake:
Group pic coupled with a quote, all against her favorite paisley background
You already knew the Tervis Tumblers rocked, but did you know you can customize the bad boys?

Well priced, hugely diverse in design and perfectly suited for your car cup holders and maintaining temps, this was a little dream come true.

And have you spotted the kid ones? Too cute!

Happy customizing!

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