Monday, July 8, 2013

For the Love of Jugs

Whoever the two moms are that created Mama Jugs in response to "an overwhelming number of friends whose love for their hospital water jugs was just shy of being creepy" are genius:

Seriously, how cute are these? They completely rival the hospital water cups we don't let a single family member put their lips to that by the way, Shawnee Mission hospital is making smaller. Not cool. Plus they are more stylish and don't scream "HEY I PUSHED A BABY OUT AND ALL I GOT FOR A SOUVENIR WAS THIS MUG." Well, I guess you get a cute little nugget of a newborn, but you know what I mean...

Cute, classy, just the right size, straw included, dishwasher friendly and BPA free, it's the perfect hydrating tool for chic mommas.

Grab yours today at the Sweet Pea Boutique (formerly Mady and Me in PV) at Park Place or visit


Note: be careful when googling...with a name like mamajugs, you can imagine the returns you get...

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