Monday, July 8, 2013

Monday Momfessions - July 8 Week

1. Frequently I'm asked how I get a shower in daily. This post pic is my secret.

2. Random places I've nursed in the past week: a children's farm, Toyota bathroom, farmers' market and guest bedroom of someone I didn't know. Now seeking motivation to continue this crazy train. In related news, Little Dude's favorite thing to now say when this is occurring is: "no one wants to see your boobies here." You can imagine where he learned that phrase (thanks Daddy).

3. When asked how old Squeak is, I keep saying almost nine weeks when he is more actually 10+. Denial much?!

4. Taking your son to his first baseball game can be nearly as heartwarming as your wedding day. The magic, lit up eyes and pure delight of a new experience is unmatched.

5. I secretly feel like a badass every time I take two kids anywhere and it goes successfully. Kind of lame, but small wins, right?!

6. Nothing says love like donning a swimsuit two months after birthing a 10-pounder in front of other grownups only to catapult yourself down children's slides you're uncertain fit your hip width. Not to mention being dumped on by a large bucket of ice cold water every few minutes. But hey, the kiddo is happy!

7. I think the grandparents are even tired of us. We can be an exhausting crew, truth be told.

8. Is it fair I'm slightly relieved Little Dude fell asleep before the fire-lighting hoopla on the Fourth? Males and fireworks tend to always lead to trouble in my experience. Unless it's the first date sparks kind vs. sparklers and M80s.

9. I held Squeak while performing two cooking duties this week that probably would not make the Mom hall of fame. No one was injured in said domestic food preparedness.

10. I'm terrified to return to work next week. I think I'd also be scared to stay home full-time as well. None of this makes sense to me. Why can't Moms ever win this battle? It doesn't seem as Dads are even thinking twice about any of it. Example: Victoria Beckham made headline news this week for sharing she feels guilty for working. Seriously, headline news? About 90% of the women I know should get some black and white time then too.

How's your summer going Mama?

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