Monday, July 8, 2013

Suiting Up

"Yep - I'm just going to run there - I'm sure it will be fine," I said, the revving up of cries beginning in the background.

"No, no - I'll come and support you. At least watch him," my Mom said as she heard my plan was to go swimsuit shopping, a task that generally should be done alone in self loathing in my opinion. Either that or grab your best, positive, spirit-fingered friends who surely will say something nice about your nine week post partum figure. Which is exactly why I was bringing my two month old - you know, to lecture him about the claw marks on my stomach and behind and alert him he owes me a coo or two during try-ons.

Two fistful of suits later and a favorite in mind I entered the dressing room with caution, electing to try on the one that struck my eye first. And wouldn't you know - it fit!

The perfect replacement for my miracle suit that is now peeking some skin through the sides due to chlorine? Stretching? Who knows what but seems not worth the price I paid only two years ago! It's a little flashy perhaps for a momma of two in the "girls" region, but overall a find with it's wild chevron pattern in all my favorite colors that covers up the bumps and lumps and fits comfortably in the seat. I wish I would've found it earlier in the season, but hey, it made it's debut at a kiddie party at Splash Cove yesterday. You know, for ducking under waterfalls and rescuing small children from water slides...

Just wait until those skinny workout queens get a load of this at the gym pool...oh wait. They don't need to mask anything because they have six packs. Me? I'm going to distract others with the pattern - this is my plan.

Suiting up to enjoy the rest of summer that's already nearing the end!

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