Sunday, July 14, 2013

Monday Momfessions

You don't even know what's happening right now with this posting a day early, do you?! I blame that I return to work this week and my hot messness

1. The Medela has now been to a Sporting KC game. How proud the pump must be of its stadium tours. I think a t-shirt may be necessary.

2. Remember last week when I told you I felt like a badass for taking two kids anywhere on my own? Well, a few days ago I took them to my doctor's appointment then each to their own physician ones. Back to back. In different locations. Gold stars for sure, right?! Particularly since I had to literally hold the screaming Squeak while I paid my OB a visit. Not awkward at all....

3. I thought I was a nut job when I was pregnant re: germs, then I realized a whole new level when the hubs brought the flu bug into our home. Lysol, insane handwashing, barricades, meds and complete abandonment of the sick being ensued. Wife points? No way. But hey - the kids stayed healthy. Plus they still remembered their Dad after he re-emerged.

4. Running may best be done sans children lest you hyperventilate from answering the 4,000 legit "why" questions during your trek that will not be shut down until a true answer is provided. Bonus:  your heart rate is higher from pushing 50 pounds and surely you're burning more calories with your "one way boys are different from girls..." responses.

5. True to my helicopter style I made a cheat sheet for Squeak's daycare, describing in depth his quirks and likes. The hubs calls me psychotic. I call myself prepared. Ok, and a little psychotic. For the record, this one is only one and a half pages. Pretty sure Little Dude's was close to four...

6. Confession: sometimes if I rock in Squeak's chair to get him to sleep long enough, I feel like one of those Halloween statues our neighbors post at their front door during the season. That or completely insane. Perhaps I should move the rocker out of the corner...

7. Bribery was in high fashion in our home this week: Sour Patch Kids for daily medicinal intake and a whole box of M&Ms to get through the first half of the soccer game (I'm not kidding - the big one) are examples of this shameful strategy. A football may have been purchased at PBK while we tried to wedge a bookshelf into the back of my SUV as well.

8. I drove up to a McDonalds only to request to pay for a Minion instead or purchasing a Happy Meal. Yah, they did it. You rock McD's.

9.  The car required a regular checkup this week, so Squeak and I went to handle the business. Hendrick Toyota - your lobby is delightful. Big screen TV with the Today Show, donuts and free drinks plus great people watching? I was almost sad the car only took an hour. Though nursing in your ladies' room wasn't that stellar, it was like a mini vacation.

10. We have resurrected many of Little Dude's baby toys for Squeak to begin enjoying. And I didn't Clorox them. Rebel.

For other parenting empathy or laughs, check these out this week: Morning Translator by Honest Toddler (I cry laughing at the touching face part every time) and Episode 6 of "Conversations with My Two Year Old" - you'll totally identify with the leg bicycling part.

What are you up to these days, Momma?

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