Sunday, July 14, 2013

Two Months of You

Stats: 23.5" height (75%), 13.2 pounds (75%), 16.5" head (98%)

Likes: gentle cheek and brow strokes when falling asleep, "severe" knee bends and bouncing from whatever adult is calming him at the time, sharing gazes with the smiling creatures on his kick mat, eating, spending time attached to mommy, angry binky sucking, white noise (along with a bit of country and rap tunes), shadows from the TV (shameful), sleeping...particularly swaddled in his own crib, personal chats with new faces, Nana's bicycles and baby talk, warm baths and milk (not at the same time...well, he probably would if we let him), being cuddled in a blanket, regardless of the weather and more

Dislikes: car and stroller outings, when goats at Deanna Rose try to eat his piggly wigglies, story time, when his brother gets a bit to close to his personal space, sounds of a certain decibel (read: brother movie impersonations or Mimi's laugh), doctor visits, particularly the weigh in and shots (can't blame him), Mommy's dairy cheat days, his hernia and clogged tear ducts, being toasty, Mommy's social schedule and to-do lists that require accompaniment and more

Tricks: "talking" with deep and meaningful coos, particularly with vowel sounds, a chirpy giggle that melts your heart, holding that big ol' noggin up for longer periods of time, ninja swaddling, bonding with plush animals and other smiling toys, growing three chins, pretending to be almost asleep then suddenly waking as if a fiesta is about to ensue and more

Firsts: Fourth of July, laugh, big round of immunizations, trip to Loose Park, Father's Day, chiropractic adjustment, move to crib, visit to Mommy's work, etc.

My apologies for the late post now that you're nearing the three-month mark, Squeak - we're just too busy soaking in every delicious, beloved moment with precious, amazing you!

PS: for all of those so kind to always ask and assist (gah bless you), the colic is much improved! We're down to crying for 1-2 hours a day and just "high maintenance (diva) vs. inconsolable!

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