Monday, May 6, 2013

About That Baby Book...

"Um, yah - that's so not happening," I said to my girlfriend as she displayed her lovely, perfectly poignant captured memories in the form of a scrapbook in front of me. I marveled at the pages, delighting in her creativity and ability to capture all the magical moments with her kids and thought to myself:

H to the no - as fantastic as that would be, let's get real here. In fact, Little Dude's book lay undone from pregnancy to his first year, the only things well documented are some photos chronologically placed in book. Plus a darling tin a girlfriend made month by month that contains scraps of paper highlighting firsts, a treat I love to pull out on his birthdays.

So for Squeaks, here is the plan:
Carter's First Year Calendar with major milestones and events etched in with my favorite Sharpie

A file box with organized folders month by month that can be filled with little treasures, pics and memories

And of course we still have this:
A no pressure, tiny five line space to complete the most vivid memory of the day with your child

And I'm not going back - that means no trying to get crafty and gah forbid get on Pinterest and see what those other savvy Moms are doing to document all the kid awesomeness. The blog and Shutterfly will also remain full I'm almost certain, so with that...

Wa la...our version of a baby book. I can't wait to revisit them in the future!

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