Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Fairies, Ferns and Fun

"Oh my goodness, look at these - he will absolutely adore them!" I gasp excitedly to the hubs, practically clawing my way past the three elderly women engaging in the same shopping excitement I was on a beautiful Mother's Day at the local gardening store. Snagging Little Dude from nearby, disgruntled he was being asked to leave the puddles of the waterfalls and ropes of the swing sets, he was quickly compensated as he picked out accessories and teeny tiny plants for a fairy garden:

Grateful of his innocence and appreciation of things such as Tinkerbell and her crew (he watches the movie three times per week and we adore it before some boy his age rips away the magical dream with some type of words like "those are for girls,") we were delighted to have him set up his own magical fairy garden, complete with a small chair, bridge and foilage with the anticipation Tink and her friends would visit overnight. 

Each day he wanders up to see if the fairies have moved things around of left flowers nearby, sharing elaborate, imaginative stories that melt our hearts and give us that same feeling one gets from visiting Disney for the first time. Small, no green thumb required, manageable and unique, the fairy garden is a fun and engaging way to bond with your kiddo in the short window of no cell phones, video games or hoards of friends that teaches them to let their mind wander while all the while managing a home...a fairy home...with love, sun and water. 

Simple or elaborate, it's the perfect way to get kiddos started on helping in the yard and taking time to stop from all the discpline, playing, sports and napping to just stop and smell the roses. Or shall I say, frolic with fairies, ferns and fun?

Happy planting!

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