Monday, May 13, 2013

Monday Momfessions - May 13 Week

Squeak saying "Hi there, ladies!"
1. Gardening with an over 10-pounder strapped front and center Bjorn-style is harder than it looks. My apologies in advance to the neighbors for the catawompous placement of the geraniums. Also, did it make you nervous when I stood on a chair and placed the hanging plants? Yah - in hindsight not the best move.

2. When running errands and returning home, I feel a bit guilty leaving Squeak in the car seat (inside with me observing of course). Then I finally accomplish one small thing I've been meaning to do for four weeks and it subsides a bit. Ok, a lot.

3. I secretly wanted a massage and nap on Mother's Day. Don't get me wrong - it was near perfect and largely appreciated, but these two things did.not.happen. Somehow, Daddy got to take a nap?! PS: he's still complaining of his pulled glute muscle (Corporate Challenge football practice) - someone please send me some more images of empathetic faces because I'm all out.

4. I'm drinking a half soda and hitting Starbucks for Passion Iced Teas nearly daily. This is a) not healthy for the feeder b) not in the budget. Shhhh. Must.stop. But, sometimes Mommy needs a fix...and it's not one that requires illegal paraphernalia (though you'd think so in my efforts to stash the Starbucks cups before hubs gets home).

5. The amazing flow of visitors in and out of our home daily is the only thing keeping our home quasi-clean and requiring I shower daily. Thank you, dear friends, for keeping me on the up and up.

6. Today marks day four of my most anxiety-ridden task: taking both kids to daycare (well, Little Dude to pre-school, but you know this isn't the 60s where you could leave the other one in the car sans car seat and all). Surprisingly, our dry runs are going ok - you know, if arriving with no makeup, yoga pants and just out of bed can count as the dress rehearsal. Yah - not even close. Still anxious.

7. Though much more hormonally balanced than with Little Dude, I've had three minor meltdowns in the past week: 1) Stashing away the newborn clothes FOREVER (so foreboding) as Squeak has already outgrown them, causing me to question my mortality...ok, just get a little sad this is our last baby. 2) In the thick of the night, thinking through how much Little Dude's relationship and mine have changed and wonder what it means for our forever bond 3) Those damn Mother's Day commercials, including the red-headed kid where she brushes his hair back through his childhood to the Hallmark handprint cards. Don't ask. And yes, I've recovered - remember the Starbucks runs?

8. I'm not making Squeak do much tummy time - it still breaks my heart. I know it's good for them and all, but how can one not conjure up images of a little baby bird trying to make it in this big world? Of a new horse finding it's legs? A duck learning to swim? Ok, I don't know what I'm talking about anymore, but I don't like crying babies and it makes him angry, therefore there is limited tummy time.

9. I still don't understand how so much poop can flow through one child. As soon as one gets on, another is required. How...HOW?!

10. I have not earned my badges in taking two children to one birthday party and am incredibly grateful only Little Dude and I did the one on Saturday. How do you people do it?!

So, what's new in your mommydom in the past week?


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You. are. amazing. period.

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