Friday, May 31, 2013

Feel Good Friday

It's going to be a rockin' Friday, you know how I know?

I scored five hours of sleep last night for the first time in nearly a year, and three of those were consecutive ones. Woot! In addition, I had the luxury of showering for precisely three minutes all on my own, with hot water and everything and I didn't even step on a Ninja Turtle. Sure there was some whining at the glass door and a projectile vomit exactly after those three minutes, but I tell you, they were still uh-mazing. Finally, these flowers arrived for no reason at all (ok, there may have been a bit of a spousal tiff) from the hubs thanking me for the "important" things I do (now you know what the word exchange was about).

Today we're dressed without milk stains with even a dab of makeup (the morning is still young) and heading out to lunch with the girls and to show off Squeak to the colleagues.  We're doing some purging of the home, spending time with fun neighbors and hitting three birthday parties this weekend. We're also filling our social calendar with some lunch dates, pool lounging and hopefully hitting the exercise circuit after doc sign up next week. I venture to say (and knock on wood) that we may slowly be getting the hang of things of our new normal. Even if it is crazy town.

Oh-and a thoughtful friend made us dinner for this evening. Not just dinner, but ribs, mac-n-cheese and dessert. Yum.

May you enjoy your "normal" this weekend with the people and things you love most. TGIF!

PS: Given the short hiatus required mid-post, I lied about the milk stains...

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