Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Reasons to Celebrate

1. When taking that trip down grocery lane, you always remember a little chocolate something just for me.
2. You've got moves like...MJ. Particularly after a few adult beverages. He always was my first love you know.
3. For hours you'll toss a ball, throw pillows and play with action figurines (even if at times they are fairies), delighting your son and growing his character and imagination by tenfold.
4. The bed covers? Mine.
5. You're a super smarty pants in more ways than one. I trust you with my finances and to help me become a better person, as well as give me a good laugh when I need it most.
6. Dreams and improvement are important to you and you never stop letting them flow through your soul. May they all come true in your lifetime.
7. It sounds cliche, but you know me better than I know myself. This saves us lots of time and understanding. Phew.
8. Loyalty could be your middle name: to this family, your job, your character and beer.
9. ASPCA commercials make you cry. 
10. You love my mother. Oh, and the rest of the fam - but you know mothers are the hardest.
11. "Sorry" and "love" are not words you shy from in your day to day.
12. Photos that print from your camera are simply remarkable. Your cooking ranks up there too. Talent.
13. Stuff means nothing to you at all - it's like you don't even need or desire any of it. 
14. Time for me and with the girls is something you understand and support.
15. I believe in nearly any type of fight (minus the verbal ones consistently and wisely won by wives), you'd win. Our protector. I don't even know why we have a large dog.
16. Like a man that's lived many years, you know yourself so well and follow your path, never swaying with a lack of confidence or drive. So admirable.
17. We're never lacking impersonations around here that make us laugh just when we need it most.
18. Romance is not forgotten even after 12 years.
19. You're competent in fixing lots of stuff - where did you learn all that anyway?
20. Raps are one of a kind coming out of your mouth - I think JayZ should be aware.
21. Scrambled eggs from your pan are better than any other - as well as your roasted pork. Yum.
22. Regardless of where you've been, you're striving to be the best you can be now, in each moment.
23. Pounds gained, tears shed, priorities wack, crazy ensued - you accept me for who I am at face value. You do this for others too in the most genuine, open and gracious way.
24. You take great care of yourself so you can take care of others, hitting the gym daily and working your mind with growth and strategy.
25. Though spirituality isn't so much in an organized form for you, you believe in the power of kindness, goodness and good old fashioned acceptance and hard work to make it in this world.
26. When ordering at the local food joint, you know to leave pickles off of Little Dude's and go bare bones with my burrito order. Attentive and thoughtful.
27. You put up with me. Period. And this crazy family of four we've created.
28. You're good for a laugh and people adore you for it, one of the many sides of Mike.
29. Despite we can never find keys, shoes, blankets or anything useful in this house, you're never on me about it, because you too know and accept the priorities of playing and raising our children - we'll clean in our next life.
30. Need a trivia answer or sports fact? You're on it - how do you fit all that in your brain?
31. You'll do the hokey pokey at Kindermusik with no holes barred. And carry that neon diaper bag.
32. Selfless - an adjective designed just for you, for the time you sacrifice, the love you give and the character that is yours.
33. Loved - what you are on this special day and always.

Happy 33rd birthday, dear husband. There are thousands of reasons to celebrate you day in and day out, and we plan to do so for a lifetime. Thank you for all you are and do - we are better because of you.

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