Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Salons and Sons

"Really, this may be the only time he 'electively' attends a salon visit with me," I giggle with my stylist as a small gaggle of girls croons over Squeak, a beautiful thing to have when you're attempting to get a 'do and the dude won't stop fussing. "This may be the closest we come to Mommy/Son mani/pedi time," I concluded as we watched inches of hair fall from around my cheekbones, pondering if I should leave tips for all the awesome women taking turns bending their knees and singing lullabyes while I got a neck massage in the sink nearby. Recall: it takes a village. And really, what man doesn't like three or more beauitful women crooning at him and thinking he's the world?

One hour later, a new lipstick shade already in place (remember a pop of color makes everything better/refreshed/looks like you actually did something with yourself) and the new reverse bob (shaved on back bottom then cut back to front - crazy!), we concluded our visit, modeling the "swing," picking up some products and heading on our way. Oh - and of course we had to stop for a milk snack in what was shockingly a new location for me...the spray tan room. I gotta admit I've pumped and nursed in a lot of places, but that was a new one. Hopefully I won't hit the Tabloids like the tan mom situation thingy...

Salon and son near post delivery: highly recommend it. After all, every woman deserves to feel a bit human again, even if it does end in a spray booth with no spray at the end.

Happy primping!

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