Monday, May 6, 2013

Appreciating the Teachers
Tomorrow marks another teacher appreciation day, a chance to really make an effort outside of your weekly praises of those who are helping to grow and shape your kiddos into the marvelous beings they are today. This year, our Misses will receive this Pinterest project (praying there aren't like 10 already on the counter when I walk in tomorrow) along with Target gift cards and a plate of goodies for the rest of the crew:
Shout out to my bffs, most of who teach in our local KC schools with patience, wisdom, creativity and wonder. May each student who wanders into this profession have the kind of grace, patience, dignity and care that you do and I pray my children have teachers just like you in the future. Thank you for taking on one of the hardest careers a gal could and making the most of it to impact good little citizens of the world. We love and appreciate you!

Don't forget to appreciate your teachers and nurses this week!

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