Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Gift That Keeps on Giving

"Oh my goodness - how precious!" I said as Big L tore open his gift and his brother's, revealing two muscle-adorned shirts illustrating Jayhawk pride. Prancing around the room, Big L claimed he was now a KU football player and off he went, teasing his Dad with his favorite antics of "you love K-state!" Clearly the gift was a hit.

The first of many, this genius present was given to the kiddos from their "Aunt Kate" as a way to show their school pride (read: also brainwash them into attending KU - a shared goal with his father) and give back to the college itself with the Jayhawk Generations Membership. Affordable and adorable, the gift truly keeps on giving with small packages of growth charts, dining wear, piggy banks, a plush Jay, hats and more arrive at your doorstep over the course of the year, delighting the recipient with it's unexpected timing and of course, the commitment to the crimson and blue.

Just the other day, Big Jay arrived in the mail. Since then, he's made a good bed fellow for Big L, who flaunts him with pride, and even offered to share him with Little L when the tears begin to fall.  

The Jayhawk Generations Membership: the gift that keeps on giving. Thanks P family!

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