Monday, May 13, 2013

Keeping Kids Off The Couch

"Mommy, why do I never have two of the same socks at school?" Little Dude asked, his familiar brow furrow a bit deeper with legitimate concern. "Other friends have socks that match."

Crap. He's on to me. And how did I get a kid that cared that his socks matched? Oh that's right, there is some of his father in there. Regardless, the fact I caused him any type of embarrassment caught me turning shamefully red and embarking on this maternity leave project:
A box full of socks that rocks...ok, I just can't compete with Dr. Suess and his fox business. Needless to say, we now have only size three cotton footwear, mostly matched, available for a quick grab and go for the boy on the run.

Yes it took me three years to do it - Lord knows how long Squeak will have to wait, though given this habit of mine I'm determined the second one will only wear footies to avoid this conundrum. To be fair, we have a legitimate sock monster:
And then there is of course the other one we've yet to spot.

Sock drawer organized: check. Keeping kids off the couch one task at a time. Because therapy is getting expensive you know...

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